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Healthy Soil, Healthy Lawn

One of the most important factors in lawn health is soil. Without a healthy soil, plants can't get the nutrients and water they need to thrive. In order to grow a healthier lawn, you have to build a better soil. 

Lawn Core Aeration

How It Works: 

  • Thousands of 2" to 3" plugs are pulled from your lawn. 
  • These plugs will break down within 1-2 weeks naturally or with mowing. 
  • As these plugs break down, they incorporate soil into the thatch layer, which helps to keep it under control. 
  • The holes catch fertilizer and water and turf roots begin to grow from these areas. 
  • Aeration allows oxygen, water, and other nutrients to easily access the root zone, helping your lawn reach its healthiest state. 
    Aeration helps to reduce soil compaction and increase plant health, thus also helping to prevent disease. 

Soils tend to become compacted over time. Compact soils cause a variety of problems for plant growth including: 

  • Impeding root growth 

  • Preventing nutrients and water from reaching plant roots

  • Decreasing microbial activity essential to healthy soil because of a lack of air in the soil

  • Causing poor water drainage 

In order to reduce soil compaction and improve soil health, we offer two options: 
core aeration and soil conditioner. See below for more information. 

Core Aeration