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What do the terms “natural” and “organic” mean with regard to lawn care products?


A product derived from animal/biological, mineral or plant sources, in a form substantially as it occurs in nature. The materials may be altered or manipulated to put them in a physical form that allows them to be efficiently used in the application process by the homeowner or lawn care professional.


Any substance containing the element carbon, is, by technical definition, organic. Both naturally occurring and man-made products may be organic. The common misconception that organic and natural have the same meaning may cause the non-technical consumer to believe that a man-made organic material is natural when it is not.


Generally used to describe a mixture of materials that includes some materials that may be properly described as natural. The portion that is natural is frequently undefined. The other portion may be man-made pesticides or fertilizers.


Generally used to describe a mixture of materials that includes some organic materials. The portion of the product that is both organic and natural is frequently undefined. The other portion may be man-made pesticides or fertilizers.

*It is important to understand the “natural” or “organic” products are not free from risk, and in reality can sometimes be more toxic than man-made products.

What is Integrated Pest Management, or IPM?

An IPM program is one designed to create a healthy lawn with sufficient plant strength and density to survive weed, insect and disease attacks with minimum pesticide use. An IPM program must consider your lawn’s specific needs and overall condition. An IPM program requires the support of proper cultural practices including:

  • Proper mowing practices
  • Regular watering at a rate that ensures retained moisture levels throughout the root zone.
  • Core aeration designed to promote root development through reduced soil compaction, improve nutrient and moisture absorption, and discourage thatch development.
  • Programmed seeding, sodding, plugging, or sprigging to enhance lawn density, and to enhance appearance by controlling incursions of undesirable grasses and weeds.
  • Fertilization to provide essential nutrients that may be efficient in your lawn.
  • The pH balancing treatments (lime or sulfur) to achieve proper soil acidity levels and improved nutrient absorption.
  • Regular inspection of lawn areas for early detection of pest presence.

Simply put, IPM is using the best mix of cultural techniques and discreet use of chemical products in a program of Integrated Pest Management. Your cooperation in mowing, watering, and regular inspections between our visits is important to the success of the IPM care of your property.

So why is Turf Pro Inc. my best choice for lawn care?

One word sums up why Turf Pro Inc. is the best – care! We care more for you, your lawn, the environment, and the community we all share. We’d like a chance to prove how much we care by your choosing to experience Turf Pro Inc. service. Our Guarantee is if you are ever not happy with your lawn or our service to you, we’ll respond promptly for a service call for your lawn until you are happy. We use the proper products at the right time and apply them in a proper way to be most effective. We do the job right the first time!

Are there any contracts to sign with Turf Pro Inc.?

No! We are a continuous service, meaning that we continue to come out every year until you tell us to stop. There are no binding 1-year contracts. If at any time to need to skip a treatment or stop service, just call us and we’ll do so. Lawn care is a continuous process, so most of our customers just want us to come out without being re-sold every year. We send each customer two letters, one in December and another in January (with pre-payment options and your scheduled services for the upcoming season).

Do I need to be home at time of application?

No. We’ll just leave you invoice along with watering instructions on your door. If you have a locked gate, dog, or just want to be notified by phone the day before your treatment we will get that information during your account setup. If we don’t set something up or miss some information during the setup of your account, you can always contact us and we’ll be happy to assist you.

Do I need to water in your treatment?

Yes, if we do not receive any rainfall within a few days of our treatment. All fertilizers and pre-emergent products need to be watered into the soil to be effective. If you want your lawn to look it’s best, you need to be watering your lawn a couple times a week.

How do I pay for my services? Check? Credit Card?

We try to make paying for your lawn service as easy as possible. You can call our office to make a credit card or debt payment over the phone. If you have any questions, feel free to contact us and we’d be happy to assist you.

If it rains after one of my treatments, is that okay?

This is the most common question we hear, because it rains within 3 – 4 days of many of your treatments! Rain after a treatment is usually a good thing because our treatments consist of pre-emergent herbicide, fertilizer, or both. These products need to be watered in within a few days for best the best results. Research and experience have shown that even a hard rain will carry these products down into the soil and they will more effectively stay there to do their job.

If you have any other questions, please feel free to contact us through our contact page or email us at info@no-weeds.com! We're happy to answer any questions you may have.