We take an Integrated Pest Management (IPM) approach towards pest and disease management. An IPM program is one designed to create a healthy lawn with sufficient plant strength and density to survive weed, insect and disease attacks with minimum pesticide use. An IPM program must consider your lawn’s specific needs and overall condition. An IPM program requires the support of proper cultural practices including: 

Proper mowing practices 
Regular watering at a rate that ensures retained moisture levels throughout the root zone. 
Core aeration designed to promote root development through reduced soil compaction, improve nutrient and moisture absorption, and discourage thatch development. 
Programmed seeding, sodding, plugging, or sprigging to enhance lawn density, and to enhance appearance by controlling incursions of undesirable grasses and weeds. 
Fertilization to provide essential nutrients that may be efficient in your lawn. 
The pH balancing treatments (lime or sulfur) to achieve proper soil acidity levels and improved nutrient absorption. 
Regular inspection of lawn areas for early detection of pest presence. 

Simply put, IPM is using the best mix of cultural techniques and discreet use of chemical products in a program of Integrated Pest Management. Your cooperation in mowing, watering, and regular inspections between our visits is important to the success of the IPM care of your property. 

Even using an IPM approach it is sometimes necessary to treat insects and diseases using pesticides. If there is some issue that requires treatment with a pesticide, we do apply insecticides, herbicides, and fungicides as needed. We evaluate the issue and choose the best method for treatment, using pesticides only when necessary. First we evaluate whether changing cultural practices such as watering and mowing, or simply giving the lawn time to recover with an application of fertilizer, will solve the issue. If not, we choose a treatment as specific to the issue as possible so as not to affect other beneficial factors, such as beneficial insects or microbes. For more information call us at (734)699-0010 or email us at info@no-weeds.com

Insect and Disease Control 

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