If you think your trees are suffering from root girdle or constriction, WE CAN HELP! Contact us today for an estimate! 

Root girdle is a common issue in landscapes. Improper planting or compacted soil can cause tree roots to grow in a tight circular pattern around the trunk instead of growing in an outward direction away from the trunk. This causes poor root development and can lead to the tree being strangled by its own roots. Often it takes many years for the tree to show signs of struggle and by then it is difficult to help the tree. Root girdle is most commonly caused by landscapers leaving too much burlap on the root ball or even by not removing the metal root ball cage. Bushes are just as susceptible to damage as trees. Root constriction is another common problem. Trees that are planted in a small area surrounded by cement often do not have enough fertile soil to support future growth. This is commonly seen with trees planted in the easement between the sidewalk and the road.

Root Girdle/Constriction

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