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​About 7-10 days after the lawn is sprayed, seed is cut into the soil using a renovator machine. Here you can see the progression of new grass growth after the process of renovation was completed. The first two pictures show the lawn about a week after the grass was seeded. The next two show it about three weeks after the grass was seeded. The last shows the end result, about eight weeks after renovation. The grass is much greener and healthier than it was before. The patches are gone and its nice and full.

Sometimes, if here are a wide variety of grass types in a lawn or it is in bad enough condition, we use a nonselective herbicide to kill of the remaining grass. These pictures show the lawn about a week after it was sprayed.

Renovation is the process of using a renovator machine to slice grass seed into the soil. This method is best suited for grass that has thinned out across much of the lawn, but is not bare enough to simply lay down grass seed. Grass seed has to come into contact with soil otherwise it will not germinate. Renovation ensures the seed will make it to the soil to improve germination rates.

Below you can see the process: before, during and after.

These pictures show the lawn before renovation. The lawn was patchy and thin. It wasn't very healthy.


If you have bare spots in your yard

have us put down the right blend of

grass seed for your lawn. For sunny

areas we use a blend of Turf-Type

Tall Fescue and Kentucky Bluegrass.

Turf-Type Tall Fescue is a new

variety of grass that looks like

Bluegrass but has the drought and

disease resistance of tall fescue.

Regular tall fescue is that dark

green grass with wide blades that

grows in clumps in your lawn and

does great in the summer when it is hot and dry. Turf-Type Tall Fescue combines the toughness of tall fescue with the looks of bluegrass to give you a superior grass seed that requires less water and maintenance. For shady areas we use different seed that won't thin out like bluegrass does in the shade.

If your lawn is thin, has bare spots, or you just want to start over completely, we can help! We offer two seeding options here at Turf Pro; broadcast overseeding and lawn renovation. Our trained and experienced applicators can help you decide which is best for your lawn. 

Broadcast overseeding works best in bare spots or to thicken up a thin, patchy lawn. Renovation works best in lawns that need a little more help, if you have a variety a grass types in your lawn, or if you want to start fresh with a brand new lawn. 

Seeding Options