Soils tend to become compacted over time. Compact soils cause a variety of problems for plant growth including: 

  • Impeding root growth 

  • Preventing nutrients and water from reaching plant roots

  • Decreasing microbial activity essential to healthy soil because of a lack of air in the soil

  • Causing poor water drainage 

In order to reduce soil compaction and improve soil health, we offer two options: 
core aeration and soil conditioner. See below for more information. 

Soil Conditioner

Healthy Soil, Healthy Lawn

One of the most important factors in lawn health is soil. Without a healthy soil, plants can't get the nutrients and water they need to thrive. In order to grow a healthier lawn, you have to build a better soil. 

Soil Conditioner

Soil conditioners help to build a better soil in two ways: 1) They contain tons of nutrients, minerals, vitamins, and other matter that improve soil quality and boost plant health and 2) They reduce soil compaction. 

What's In The Product: 
The product we use contains liquid organic ingredients including over 60 minerals, numerous trace elements, vitamins, plant growth hormones, bio-stimulants, humic and fulvic acids. It is a blend of liquid humus and kelp and a small amount of blackstrap molasses (an energy source for bio-life). 

Humic acid improves soil quality and bio-activity and energizes plants. The kelp is loaded with trace elements and plant growth stimulants such as Cytokinins, Auxins, Indoles, Gibberellins. 

Why Is Humus So Important For Healthy Plants? 
Rich soils contain large amounts of humus. This essential organic matter improves soil structure, aeration, nutrient retention, and microbial activity. The most important and bio-chemically active part of humus is humic acid. 

Benefits of humic acid include: 

  • Increases nutrient holding capacity of soil. 
  • Improves fertilizer utilization by "chelating" nutrients, which converts them to a form more easily taken up by plants. 
  • Buffers pH issues that can trap nutrients in soil due to low or high pH.
  • Increases and enlarges root systems and promotes plant cell division.
  • Helps buffer the effects of too high salt content in soil.
  • Improves growth of beneficial micro-organisms including those that help detoxify soil.
  • Changes physical and mechanical properties of soil in structure, color, and consistency - which helps aerate soil and bioactive soils.
  • Increases permeability of plant membranes, promotes more efficient uptake of nutrients.
  • Adds carbon and aids in correcting plant chlorosis.
  • Improves germination rates of seeds. 

Why Is Compacted Soil Bad For Your Grass? 
Compact soil causes unhealthy plants, lawns, and trees. When soils are compact, they don't drain properly and necessary air, water and nutrients are unable to move through the soil to reach plant roots. This leads to disease, stunted roots, decreased microbial activity, and stressed and weakened plants. 

How Soil Conditioners Help Reduce Soil Compaction:
Soil is negatively charged. The soil conditioner is positively charged. When added to water that is sprayed on the grass, positive particles are dispersed throughout the water. When the water seeps into the soil, the positive particles surround the negatively charged soil clumps. This breaks up the soil and loosens hard soil. It provides many of the same benefits as core aeration: 

  • Helps to reduce soil compaction.
  • Allows water, fertilizer, and other nutrients to penetrate deeper into the soil into the root zone.
  • Helps reduce plant stress and prevent disease.
  • Improves drainage of turf.
  • Promotes root growth by reducing soil compaction.
  • Increases microbial activity, which is essential for healthy soil.
  • Reduces soil erosion.
  • Detoxifies soil for improved plant health.
  • Quicker seed emergence.
  • Improves water movement for reduced fungus problems.

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