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Summer Patch/Necrotic Ring Spot


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These are two turf diseases common

in sodded lawns. The causes,

appearance, and treatment are very

similar. Mature necrotic ring spot

leaves a brown ring pattern in the

lawn with green grass in the center.

Summer patch creates a blotchy

uneven pattern across the affected

part of the lawn and thins out the

turf. It will look like there are lots

of bumps and divots. These diseases

are caused by fungus that lay

dormant in the soil and will flare up

under the right conditions. It affects

the roots, not the leaves, and hot weather and drought put the grass under stress that it cannot cope with as well with a diminished root system. The best way to treat your lawn is to adjust your watering. Fungus likes cool wet conditions. Light midday watering every day or at least every other day will cool the soil temperatures and take the heat stress off the grass. In addition to adjusting the watering schedule you should implement a balanced nitrogen fertilizer program, and make sure you are mowing the grass at a height of at least 2.5 inches. Core aeration is another option that improves the health of your turf and makes the grass less susceptible to disease damage. 

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