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​How soon should I notice a change in my trees and shrubs? 

  • The fertilizer will start to help your trees and shrubs immediately but a difference in appearance may not be noticed for weeks or months after the fertilizer is injected. Applications done in the fall will be stored in the root system for use the following spring. You will notice that your trees and shrubs will be brighter, lusher, and have a better overall appearance. 

For information on common tree and shrub issues, most of which can be alleviated or prevented by deep root fertilization, please click here.

Why do trees and shrubs need to be fertilized? 

  • Just like your lawn, trees and shrubs also need care. Grasses, because of their fibrous root system, are very good at "stealing" fertilizer from trees and shrubs. They take nutrients, particularly nitrogen, quickly and easily from the soil, thus robbing it from the deeper rooted trees and shrubs. By injecting the fertilizer beneath the grass root system and into the root zone of the trees and shrubs, you ensure that the trees and shrubs are able to take up the fertilizer. 
  • Newer plant material will grow faster and fill in sooner. Older trees and shrubs that may be damaged or show slow growth will fill back in and grow at a normal rate. Plants that seem to be struggling can benefit from deep root fertilization. 
  • Deep root fertilization increases plant health. Healthy plants are better able to resist stress from disease and pests. It is important to PREVENT damage instead of waiting to correct it when it begins to show. 

How often does this need to be done? 

  • We recommend to our customers that they have their trees and shrubs deep root fertilized once per season. The process is normally done in early spring or late fall.

What is deep root fertilization? 

  • Deep root fertilization is the process by which liquid fertilizer is injected under pressure into the root zone of trees and shrubs. The fertilizer we use is a heavy slow release product that contains all of the essential macro- and micronutrients utilized by trees and shrubs. It also contains beneficial microbes. Microbial action is responsible for fixing nitrogen and solubilizing phosphorus in soil. These microbes effectively increase the availability of nutrients to the plant, allowing the plant to take up more of the nutrients and therefore making the fertilizer more effective than fertilizers without microbes.

Tree & Shrub Fertilization